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by Dr. F. C. Holmes

It was a wide open range country, featured by boundless rolling hills carpeted by green…
Kelly Cox has hauled hay since he was a boy. Now with changes in technology…

August 21, 2014

Bobby Wants to Get in Touch

by Abby Wendle

B obby Berryhill served with the Oklahoma National Guard for 16 months in Iraq and…
Own This May Be The Last Time on DVD! Tracing a heartfelt journey, award-winning filmmaker…

05/26/2015 | Okiecentric

A Meditation on Metaphors

By Darren Ingram

If you go online and look up “bad metaphors and similes,” here are a few examples you’re likely to find: • The young fighter had a hungry look, the kind you get from not eating for a while. • The red brick wall was the color of a brick-red Crayola crayon. •  He was as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree. What makes them so comically terrible? T…

05/20/2015 | Okiecentric

The True Blues and the Tiger Eyes vs. the Ku Klux Klan

By David A. Farris

Tom Bouggous was a man who stood out in a crowd. He was an outspoken and powerfully built Indian who had lived in the Henryetta district for several years in the early 1900s. He had been the city marshal of the nearby town of Dewar, but was removed from office about a year before the shootout, after being charged with the unlawful sell of liquor. A few months before…

05/18/2015 | Poetry

Onehorse, OK, pop. 1,000: Saaaaaaalute

By Benjamin Myers

  Driving home tonight, I see Loretta Lynn on a casino billboard &  take a left turn to 1982, where I find myself sitting on a red braided rug in front of the console Zenith watching Hee Haw. Men in overalls pop up from cornfields, like ghosts from stony ground, while girls with shirts tied below their bubbled breasts giggle. My father is somewhere wor…

05/13/2015 | Okiecentric

Selling ‘Tulsa’ to Tulsans

By Charles Morrow

There’s Tulsa the city, and there’s Tulsa the movie. For a brief spell in the spring of 1949, when the movie premiered in its namesake locale, the business and political elite of Oklahoma joined forces with Hollywood luminaries in a common cause. The moviemakers sought to boost the oil industry, while the oil tycoons were delighted to see their endeavor…

05/11/2015 | Poetry


By Jeanetta Calhoun Mish

1983 A week before, I bought my first maternity gear at the Goodwill, a brown empire-waist polyester top with tiny pink flowers, necessity overruling my puritan sense of style.   You are a piece of tattered pink lace clinging to a descansos on a dirt road to nowhere. A roadside in my mind. A place we never were. A place you might be now, alone.   Your fat…

05/07/2015 | Poetry

Three Poems

By Joe Dale Tate Nevaquaya

The Dream Warrior   I am intentional to light never capitulating the stars or the sway of grasses in my mother’s mouth.   The red gash at my people’s breast is a journey of words and deed, exposed to the sun, a river of blood that pours outward beating against the sun at dawn.   I am intentional to light, dancing upon the moon’s altar, where d…

05/06/2015 | Okiecentric


By Rilla Askew

Long after I left Tahlequah I dreamed of the place. Not just the town but the earth and waters that surround it. The Tahlequah of my dreams looks nothing like the real landscape. In my dreams the images are primitive, iconic: a dark symbol land. Still, I always know where I am. Usually it’s the small cabin above the Illinois River where I once lived. Sometimes i…

04/30/2015 | Okiecentric

The Condemned Man’s Son

By RJ Young

William Clifford Bryson III walked into the viewing room of Oklahoma’s execution chamber clutching his grandfather’s hand. This wasn’t his first trip to McAlester, and it wasn’t his first time inside the largest prison in Oklahoma, though it is hardly a place for children. It was—it is—a place for criminals, and Will was headed toward the pla…

04/29/2015 | Okiecentric

Tinkering with the Machinery of Death

By Mike Mariani

On the morning of December 14, 1976, Charlie Brooks Jr. and Woody Loudres waited outside a liquor store on Rosedale Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas. Across town, Loudres’ girlfriend, Marlene Smith, had just turned a trick in exchange for renting a car. She swung by and picked them up. The trio then drove to the New Lincoln Motel, where Loudres and Smith were…

04/27/2015 | New Fiction

Teenage Vengeance

By Jennifer Latham

“Wake up.” My sister was shaking my shoulder, and not gently. I opened one eye. According to the clock on my bedside table, it was quarter to six a.m. I’d dropped off sometime after two. “Please let me sleep, Reem,” I mumbled, rolling toward the wall. She jabbed my ribs. “Wash up.” There was no getting out of it. Last Friday, I hadn’t gone to mosq…

04/22/2015 | Okiecentric

The Opening of Oklahoma from the European Perspective

By H.C. Peterson

The following accounts from European newspapers give an idea of what the Europeans read about the opening of Oklahoma. It is interesting to note that very few articles appeared in the weeks before the opening or in the weeks immediately afterwards. From the 21st of April to the 25th attention was directed towards Oklahoma. The Times, London, England, April…

04/21/2015 | Editorial

A New Frontier for Tulsa Media

By Michael Mason

Yesterday was an exciting day for Tulsa. Two reporters from Tulsa World, Ziva Branstetter and Cary Aspinwall, were named as Pulitzer finalists for their impressive reporting on Oklahoma’s execution fiasco. Then they, along with two other reporters, resigned from Tulsa World. Soon thereafter, Bobby Lorton, the former publisher of Tulsa World…

04/19/2015 | Okiecentric

9:02 AM

By Tiffany Doerr Guerzon

I hurtled down Interstate 40, late for work as usual, barely noticing the beautiful spring morning. I was frustrated with my wedding coordinator, who wouldn’t call me back. And a church staff member had promised me the use of some hurricane lamps for my wedding reception, but I couldn’t reach her either. It was stressful trying to cram all the wedding pla…

04/17/2015 | Okiecentric

An Odder Science

By Mitch Gilliam

I pulled up behind Dr. Randy Wymore’s pickup right as he pulled up in front of Sidney Presley’s house. “Sorry I don’t look like a journalist,” I apologized, explaining I’d smeared bike grease on the button-up I’d laid out for the evening. “Oh, that’s okay,” Wymore half-laughed. “Do you think I look like a scientist?” In slim-fit de…

04/16/2015 | Okiecentric

Horse Teeth and Heartbreak

By Sheilah Bright

Elbow deep inside the jaws of a stallion, Edye Lucas closes her eyes as her fingers explore a landscape of slivered canyons and barbed peaks in the moist hollow of a horse’s mouth. It’s cold enough in the barn to freeze saliva on the stainless-steel speculum wedged between the animal’s upper and lower jaws, where up to 44 teeth could easily shred a wrist o…