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March 24, 2015

The Unlikely Baroness

by Steve Gerkin

The young black girl poses in a common, patterned dress by an ordinary side chair.…

February 23, 2015

Grave Misgivings

This short film explores the lasting power of Geronimo’s name and image. The distinction between…

March 6, 2014

Grandma’s Panties

by Abby Wendle

Janis Cramer’s grandmother wore polka dot dresses and chewed brown snuff tobacco. Here, Janis recalls…
Own This May Be The Last Time on DVD! Tracing a heartfelt journey, award-winning filmmaker…

03/23/2015 | Okiecentric

They Died For Their Sins

By Bob Gregory

On August 10, 1966, just after 10 p.m., James French walked to the electric chair. Escorted in by two guards, French wore a black suit, dark tie, and black shoes, looking fit enough to give a sermon to an impoverished congregation. He briskly took his seat, where 82 others had died before him, and said not a word. Warden Ray Page, like everyone else watching …

03/19/2015 | Original Okie

Karl Siewert

By This Land

Karl Siewert always wanted to be a librarian, just like his mother. He’s a compulsive researcher who considers every Facebook status a reference question and has a special affinity for the Oxford English Dictionary. “What I really wanted to do is answer people’s questions… It’s not about finding a book; it’s about finding informa…

03/19/2015 | Okiecentric

Steak, Eggs, and a Submachine Gun

By Ryan Daly

“You want me to tell you a story?” asked Marilee Macias, a native of Perry, Oklahoma, with kind eyes and perfectly tended hair. She chided me to eat my chicken-fried steak and eggs while she talked. Perry is 5,000 people and 6.8 square miles nestled in the armpit of I-35 and U.S. 64, in north-central Oklahoma. When pundits and politicians expound on the vir…

03/18/2015 | Okiecentric

A Six-Gun and a Song

By Dale Ingram

Woody Guthrie and Pretty Boy Floyd never met, but that didn’t keep Oklahoma’s favorite balladeer and bank robber from forging a legacy together. Since it debuted just over 75 years ago, Woody’s “Pretty Boy Floyd” has become one of the most famous outlaw songs in American history. Folk royalty sing it. Fans praise it as a classic tale of rich versus…

03/17/2015 | Poetry

Eulogy for Ireland

By Declan Kiely

*** Me, Shrouded in green, white, and orange I wake up tossing up electric blankets in my single-bed nook Morning shook, consumed by a fiery torrent as I consume rock-hard porridge That ever familiar sight of orange crescendoing like new sunrise to sever our commonwealth ties Becoming the light to eradicate industrial darkness just north of our heads At lea…

03/16/2015 | Poetry

A Creek Woman Moves to Northern New York

By Stacy Pratt

*** At the market they never have what I need: sofke corn, dried pea hulls, canuche balls wrapped in foil, baby food jars of bacon grease, possum grapes, wild onions, poke salad, great big catfish, piles of perch stunned by devil’s shoestring, masa harina for making cvtvhvkv (although occasionally they have some in the foreign foods section), communion b…

03/13/2015 | Poetry

Night Hoops

By Benjamin Myers

With tar still sludging our fingers from roofing jobs worked through the heat of day, with scratches down our forearms from cutting brush, with sunburned backs, poison ivy riding our sore calves, behind the old legion hut, around a pole over a patch of cracked concrete illuminated by one leaning lamppost and an August moon twenty years ago: hoops. Far from ci…

03/12/2015 | Okiecentric

Mongolians “R” Us

By LeAnne Howe

For me there will never be another travel adventure like Japan. I was one of four guest speakers at the International Forum on Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights. It had been publicized all over Japan and the organizers were expecting hundreds of people to attend. One of the major sponsors of my trip was the Buraku Liberation Research Institute of Okayama…

03/11/2015 | Okiecentric

Ensigns and Sensei

By R.E. Graalman Jr.

On April 5, 1945, Oklahoma A&M President Henry Bennett received a telegram from U.S. Senator Elmer Thomas: Captain Taylor of the Navy Department proposes to establish at Stillwater school for teaching Japanese language. Open about 15th of June and build up to enrollment of 750–800 by end of July. Navy official either at Stillwater or on way to make ar…

03/10/2015 | Okiecentric

Bombed-Out Boise City

By David Dary

It was about half past midnight on July 5, 1943. The heat of the day had given way to the usual cooling that occurs during the summer at Boise City, located in the far western end of the Oklahoma Panhandle. Most of its 1,400 residents had gone to bed when an airplane began dropping bombs on the sleepy town. The town’s residents awoke to a series of six bangs and boo…

03/09/2015 | Poetry


By Victoria McArtor

           we’ve come all the way from Oklahoma for locals            to ask if we’re celebrities            No     she says     climbing out of            the back of a convertible     &nb…

03/06/2015 | Original Okie

Ismail Zebdieh

By This Land

In 1988, Ismail Zebdieh left Aleppo, Syria, where he was a landscape engineer and a photographer. Since then, he’s been an Okie, where you can find him most mornings behind the counter at a gas station and convenience store that supplies food, cigarettes, beer, and other sundries to the neighborhood and passersby between Gunboat Park and downtown Tu…

03/05/2015 | Notices

This Land Looks Forward to New Format, Frequency

By This Land

This Land Press is excited to announce a new format and frequency for This Land magazine, to be launched with its 100th issue on April 15, 2015. For almost five years, This Land has published a semi-monthly broadsheet magazine filled with stories that illuminate life and culture in Oklahoma. While the breadth and depth of the content provided will remain the…

03/04/2015 | Okiecentric

The Essence of Forever

By Cheryl Pallant

I moved off campus my junior year at Long Island University into a second-floor room of a home in the cheerful village of Sea Cliff, one square mile of artists, Victorian architecture, and a small cliff park overlooking Hempstead Bay. My space, with an adjacent half room, boasted two walls of picture windows with ample light and openness to support studying,…

03/03/2015 | Okiecentric

Living Room Kitchen

By Sasha Martin

I am missing two fingerprints on my right hand. The neat spiral of lines on my ring and middle fingers suddenly flatten out, melted into circles that fan outward like the tail of a peacock. I first noticed the marks in fourth grade, when my school started filing fingerprints for the police. I wondered why mine looked so different from those of my classmates. Aft…