This Machine Unmasks Terror Preview

by This Land


A groundbreaking new article from This Land Press establishes that Tate Brady, a founding father of Tulsa, was a Klan leader who tortured union members and fostered an atmosphere of racism leading to the Tulsa Race Riot. Entire areas of Tulsa, named after Brady, are called into question.

Along with “The Nightmare of Dreamland” by Lee Roy Chapman, This Land Press is publishing an editorial by noted riot historian Alfred Brophy, as well as a comprehensive history of Beno Hall, a large Klan temple, that was once
located in Tulsa. James Goodwin, of the Oklahoma Eagle, offers an editorial as well, and plans to run the article as a 5-part series in his paper. Journalist J. Kavin Ross clears up misunderstandings with a stirring history of the Greenwood area, where the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot occurred.

Last year, This Land Press earned international acclaim for its pioneering reporting of Bradley Manning, the Oklahoman at the center of the Wikileaks saga. More recently, Huffington Post noted This Land’s contribution to race reporting because it dedicated a special issue to coverage of the Riot. In this collector’s issue, This Land Press also unveils an advisory board featuring names like former Harper’s editor Roger Hodge and Google Books executive Tom Turvey,
among others. The Columbia Journalism Review called This Land Press “The New Yorker with balls.”

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