Abby Wendle

by Vicki May Thorne


In this new feature, our social media editor Vicki May Thorne meets and greets the staff and contributors of This Land Press.

Although her bio is in itself impressive, what makes the greatest impression when you meet Abby Wendle, audio producer, is her thoughtfulness and tendency to listen deeply before she hazards an answer to any question asked of her.

1) How did you end up at This Land Press?

My friend Denver Nicks, who I went to school with at Columbia University, told me about This Land and a potential job opening as an audio producer. I looked you guys up and promptly packed my bags and headed out for Oklahoma.

2) What are your “Must Reads” for education and inspiration: Well, for me, it’s more of a ‘Must Listen To.’ I’m fond of NPR’s State of the Re:Union– which is hosted by Al Letson and focuses on specific communities. Really well done.

I also like “Selected Shorts“, which features short stories read aloud. I feel like it really gets at the heart of storytelling and the power of reading words out loud.

Also, I like they are a good resource for people who just love podcasting and maybe want some information on getting started.

3) What is your favorite piece that you’ve done for This Land Press?

Tulsa’s Slow Integration

Why? because it went MUCH better than I initially thought. I feel like in it, the African-American community is well-represented.

4) What do you love about Tulsa and/Oklahoma?

Well, I’ve only been here since March, so I’m still working off of initial impressions. What’s SURPRISED me so far have been a couple of things: there’s still quite a bit of crime here–I had one of my apartments broken into and I think I had a peeping tom at another one.

Also, I’ve been surprised by the “open-ness” of folks here- you get the impression that they aren’t bullshitting you at all, just talking straight at you. Also, how important history is to people, so much so that they will educate themselves rather than just shrugging off gaps in their knowledge. That’s unusual.

Also how BEAUTIFUL this state is, particularly in the southeast part of the state, the pine forests down there are amazing.

5) And finally, just for fun, what is your favorite beverage? Alcoholic or non?

I’d have to go with red wine, usually cheap red wine. A Malbec is my favorite, but they are kind of expensive. Usually a Pinot Noir will suffice.


Abby is responsible for the majority of the “Listen” pieces at This Land Press. She is hatching plans to take over the airwaves of Oklahoma and we couldn’t be more pleased.