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This Land Press

Bid On An Ad

Each month, This Land offers a limited number of ads by auction to small business owners. Your company must have fewer than 25 employees to qualify for our auctioned ads.

There's no credit card required! Simply choose your ad from the list below, and make an offer for the ad by clicking the "Bid Now." Place your bid on the following page by including your business name and email. If you win the ad, you'll be offered a chance to pay online, or to receive an invoice for the ad.

Following the end of an auction, business owners have 3 business days to provide us with the artwork for their ad, or we can design the ad for an additional 15% of the purchase price.

Click Here to Bid On An Ad

Please be sure to read our Advertising Guidelines below prior to bidding on an ad.

Click here to download our current ad kit for ad pricing and packages. (354Kb pdf)

Advertising Guidelines

Advertisements aren't merely notices; they're vehicles for communicating who you are, what your business does, and why your business is important to our readers. Because we want your ad to be effective, we've established conscientious advertising guidelines. Once you purchase an ad in This Land, your advertisement will be reviewed by an editor who will determine if any changes need to be made. If your advertisement does not meet our guidelines, we will refund 90% of your ad purchase.

1. Your business must be based and capitalized in Oklahoma.

2. Your ad should demonstrate why your business is good for our community. Our readers will be particularly interested in knowing various aspects about your business, such as its economic impact in Oklahoma, its demonstrated commitment to sustainability, its civic involvement, or its uniqueness and cultural importance.

3. Your ad must meet graphics standards, specifically all images must be created in CMYK, at no less than 300dpi at actual size, in either .tif or .jpg file formats. We also welcome unflattened layers in .eps, .ai, or .psd format.

All banner ads must be designed as .jpg, .gif, or .png file types, at 72dpi. No animated or flash-based ads.

When submitting ads, make sure that ALL type (including words, symbols, letters, numbers, and so on) using the color "black" is in the

following CMYK colors: 0 Cyan (C), 0 Magenta (M), 0 Yellow (Y), 100 Black (K). If this is not done, there is a chance of your type becoming smudged.

4. The look and style of your ad must be in accord with the aesthetic we demonstrate in our paper. Ads which demonstrate real creativity and originality are likely to be more easily accepted. We're happy to provide you with any art direction you may seek on this matter.

5. Artwork for your ad must be emailed to us at prior to or by the 15th of each month. If the file exceeds 7MB, please use the online service at and email us the link for your file.

6. We reserve the right to decline advertising which does not meet our criteria. You will receive a 90% refund if your ad is not accepted for publication.

7. You may only bid on one ad per business.

About This Land

This Land is a bi-weekly newsprint publication with a circulation of 4,000 issues. We publish innovative, well-crafted content that pertains to Oklahoma. Issues are distributed both by subscription mail, retail stores, and door-to-door delivery in Midtown and Downtown Tulsa. Each page measures 13" wide x 22.5" tall, and is printed on 45# bright white paper, which results in a spectacular visual and visceral presentation. In terms of its dimensions, This Land is the largest publication in Oklahoma.

Our Commitment To You:

When you submit your ad, we'll provide you with a notice of approval or decline.

We will only allow a certain number of advertisers in each issue because we believe less distractions will return maximum interest to your business or event.

The minimum size for an ad will be 1/8th of a page, which is roughly the size of an average postcard.

We allow no more than 4 ads per page.

Should you choose, we'll provide copywriting and art design at a reasonable price.