Oklahoma’s Breaking Bad: July 15, 2013

Posted 07.15.13

Our trippiest issue to date. Meet the two Oklahomans who operated the largest LSD rings in history (John Griggs and Gordon Todd Skinner), journey to the inside of a prison riot, and revel in our poster-worthy cover, illustrated by David Wagoner. All that and an elephant on acid. On stands today.

WINTER’S CHILL: An Anaheim greaser planted Oklahoma’s psychedelic roots, a trip that died when the wind changed after the Summer of Love. By Brian Ted Jones.

SUBTERRANEAN PSYCHONAUT BLUESA journey into a psychedelic underworld where secret agents, secretive chemists and secret sects collide to create one of Oklahoma’s most controversial crime stories. By Michael Mason, Chris Sandel, and Lee Roy Chapman. (PLUS: Unusual Analogues: Drugs Used by Gordon Todd Skinner)

DR. JOLLY AND THE PSYCHEDELIC PACHYDERM: Hypothesis and results from when an OU researcher injected a bull elephant with what turned out to be a lethal dose LSD. By Steve Sherman.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD: A portrait of a prison riot in the land of outlaws, and the torture machine that emerged in the aftermath. By Mickey Owens.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Barry Bilder, founder of Peace of Mind bookstore in Tulsa, on our back cover.

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