June Issue This Land Press TPD Misconduct Thor BOK Tulsa, Oklahoma


June 2011

Posted 06.24.11

The June 2011 issue of This Land is indeed a machine that demands accountability. But it also delivers some of the most free-spirited and downright hysterical offerings to be had in Oklahoma.

With this special issue, This Land Press unveils its first investigate report based in Tulsa. Reporter Joshua Kline offers an unflinching look at the Tulsa Police Department and its penchant for excessive force. It’s the kind of tale that’s long overdue.

Table of Contents:

  • “Goodbye Tulsa: Jennifer Mansell” by Shawna Lewis
  • “Together in Tulsa: Jim and Linda,” photo and article by Rebekah Greiman
  • “Dewey Hits the Streets,” photo by Chelsea Self
  • “Thor Moves to Oklahoma” by James Vance
  • “Theatre of the Absurd,” new fiction by Larry Baker
  • “Misconduct City: The Assault of Arthur Bradley Reveals a Culture of Chaos at TPD” by Joshua Kline
  • “Cicada III,” poem by Scott Aycock
  • “Tower of Power” by Jonathon Taylor
  • “Poet Issues” by Carol Johnson
  • “Letter from Bhutan” by Sheilah Bright
  • “The Seeds of Corruption” by Michael Mason
  • “True Tulsa: Michael Loman,” photo portrait by Sterlin Harjo


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