May 1st, 2012

Posted 05.01.12

This issue, it’s a throwdown between two titans of Tulsa photography–Gaylord Herron and Larry Clark.

Coming up:

  • PUBLIC SECRETS: Lee Roy Chapman remembers the Lew Clark Studio, where Larry Clark learned the craft.
  • TULSA REVEALED: Shantelle Jennings writes of her mother and father, both key figures in Larry Clark’s photo essay, Tulsa.
  • THE GENESIS OF VAGABOND: Grant McClintock profiles the making of a photographic masterpiece–Gaylord Herron’s Vagabond.
  • IS LARRY CLARK OBSCENE?: Denver Nicks weighs in on the issue of Clark’s controversially filmmaking, with an analysis of Ken Park.
  • JUST A SHOT AWAY: Vanity Fair contributor Nick Tosches adds his own thoughts to the legacy of Clark’s critically acclaimed book.
  • ME AND LARRY: Randy Roberts Potts writes about his and Larry Clark’s shared sense of catharsis through documenting and teaching adolescents.
  • TWO TULSAS: Lauren Ross critiques Herron and Clark’s respective views of Tulsa.
  • ORIGINAL OKIE: Grant McClintock photographs Bill Rabon, Tulsa-based artist and Vagabond muse.