October 15, 2011

Posted 10.15.11

This issue is downright bacchanalian, and we make no apologies for basking in lush, hedonistic glory.

TOGETHER IN TULSA: Anna Kathleen Casey on Hannah and Chris Middlebrook, and the party animal that is “Clonky the Clown.”

GOODBYE TULSA:  Shawna Lewis on Elizabeth Ashwood Davis, a 34-year-old writer who died in her sleep.

IMAGINARY OK: Author Steve Almond imagines himself as a rock legend looking back on his past.

URBAN CHICKEN: Rebekah Greiman finds a few Tulsans fed up enough with food-source mystery to raise their own laying hens.

POETRY: The Stringtown Prison Poetry Workshop presents a collaborative poem, “Stringtown Prison Blues.”

VINTAGE SMITH: Mark Brown goes to Walla Walla, Washington, to find out why the hottest winemaker in America wears his love of Bob Wills and Woody Guthrie on his sleeve.

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE: Sarah Fonder talks to poet activist Mary McAnally about editing a book of prison poetry.

TENT MAKERS AND PROPHETS: An excerpt on Oklahoma’s role in the rise of evangelical conservatism, by Darren Dochuk.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATION: Jeremy Luther pays tribute to a defeated, but not dishonored, college football team.

THE DARKNESS CANNOT OVERCOME THE LIGHT:  Josh Kline explains why an Edmond-based website on capnolagnia – a sexual fetish based on the sight or image of a person smoking – is among the Internet’s oldest.

A KILLING: Gordon Grice dissects a couple’s profound love through the incident of a gut-shot deer.

LET THEM BEAT CAKE: Natasha Ball examines the not-quite-cakes of Kerry Vincent’s annual cookoff, the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show.

TRUE TULSA DOUBLE FEATURE: Grant McClintock shares two photographs of local artist Dan Mayo–one from 2011, and one from 1987.

That, plus the usual from design savante Carlos Knight and illustration wunderkind Jeremy Luther.