Welcome to the Tribe: August 1, 2014

Posted 08.01.14

In this issue of This Land, Russell Cobb examines the life of Iron Eyes Cody, a Sicilian actor who made a career out of pretending to be Indian, and wonders why so many white people still insist on fashioning Native identities out of thin air.

Also, we’ve got Rilla Askew on McAlester, Aaron Toney on tornados, Jessica Puckett on the 1904 Olympic Marathon, and new poetry by Angelia Herrin.

Here’s a preview:

WANNABE NATION: Russell Cobb examines Native identity and authenticity in post-modern America by deconstructing the life and career of a professional Hollywood Indian.

THIRTY MINUTES OF TERROR: Aaron Toney recalls a childhood memory of the time a tornado blew through his town.

RUNNING AMOK: Jessica Puckett gives a history lesson on the first Olympic Games held in this hemisphere—and the chaotic marathon that almost turned deadly.

NEAR MCALESTER: Rilla Askew muses on the complicated, violent, and precious history of the place closest to her heart.

BOOKMOBILE: New poetry by Angelia Herrin invites us all to remember our childhood ambitions.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Meet Steve Adams, the man who knows just about all there is to know about McAlester.

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