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This Land Press


Almost every patient mentions how it’s cold in the operating room. We keep the room around 60 degrees, in part to keep comfortable in our layers of clothes and gowns, and in recognition that keeping a chillier room helps keep infection rates lower. Lisa is no exception. As she’s being wheeled in on the gurney, […]

08/27/2015 | Okiecentric


By David Schneider


I check my email before going to bed and find a message from my ex-husband with “Sad News” in the subject line. I know immediately what it’s about: Java, my cat. I left her in his care prior to my move to Daegu, South Korea. Ever since I met Java’s eyes in her cage at […]

08/25/2015 | Okiecentric

Passing Over

By Cheryl Pallant


I went down to Ardmore looking for the last Jews in a town that could—if it were so inclined—lay claim to the title of “The Birthplace of Judaism in Oklahoma.” Even before the first land run, Jewish peddlers had established themselves in fledgling towns across Indian Territory. Early towns like Boggy Depot were set up […]

08/19/2015 | Okiecentric

Shalom, Ardmore

By Russell Cobb


When Oral Roberts was 16, afflicted with tuberculosis and convinced he was going to die, a voice came to him out of the blue: “Son, I am going to heal you and you are going to take the message of My healing power to your generation.” Years later, when he was a discontented pastor in […]

08/16/2015 | Okiecentric

The Gold and the Glory

By David Fritze


  Friday Dear Paul, February 15, 2008— You died today—maybe you know that. Twenty-four. It’s a number. Jack Bauer. Chromium. Willie Mays. You. It’s not a life. As I look at you, lying on your stomach, propped up on your elbows, in your room with three members of the Tulsa Police Department in and around […]

08/12/2015 | Okiecentric

Letter to My Son the Weekend He Died

By Barry Friedman


This Land Films is pleased to announce a new partnership with director James Payne and producer Matt Leach to produce our second feature documentary film, Far Western. This Land Films is the film and video production unit of This Land Press. Last year, This Land Films premiered its first documentary, This May Be The Last […]


A young guy wearing a cobalt blue hoodie and shiny leather jacket has just robbed a woman’s purse. Rummaging through his quarry, the thief, all sinister swagger and furtive glances, passes by one of those fortune-telling machines with the wood finish and flashing white lights dancing across a litany of potential fates. He greedily pulls […]

08/05/2015 | Okiecentric

Video Killed the Pulpit Star

By Mike Mariani


Most people know about the Sun Sign column in the newspaper, but did you know that astrologers do much more? We look the moments when individuals or social entities come into existence, as well as natural events and economic cycles. When we know the exact time and place of birth, we can tell an amazing story. Oklahoma was “born” as a […]

07/29/2015 | Okiecentric

An Astrological Look at Oklahoma

By Lynn Bootes


When you have a church that is bound together by a promise rather than a belief system, you free people to be honest about what they believe and don’t believe. At All Souls Unitarian Church, in Tulsa, over 2,000 members are united by a covenant of love and service. That means that we have Christians, […]

07/27/2015 | Okiecentric

Love Beyond Belief

By Reverend Dr. Marlin Lavanhar


Muslims in Oklahoma, like other minority communities in the state, haven’t always felt secure in their homes and places of worship. Earlier this year, the Oklahoma chapter for the Council on American-Islamic Relations decided to spend a day at the Capitol meeting with representatives, holding workshops, and sharing their faith in a public prayer. The […]


Roberts Liardon loves talking about the sofa he sat on in Heaven. “It was alive,” he tells the congregation at Kensington Temple church in London. His voice is gravelly and confident, a bit Lewis Black’s but less grouchy and more Southern. “It was alive with comfort. When you sat on that sofa, comfort reached up […]

07/21/2015 | Okiecentric

Heaven Is a Place for Sale

By Sarah Morice Brubaker


I pull into the gravel parking lot on a bleary, sleeting morning. An Oklahoma sheriff keeps watch from a corner parking space, while a woman moves from car to car offering to clean windows for quarters. The sheriff doesn’t seem to mind. A man sleeps on himself a bit out of view. Horns blowing from […]

06/10/2015 | Okiecentric

Ghosts of the Midway

By Megan Shepherd

02.20.15 image image

Grant McClintock

11.14.14 image

Joy Harjo

10.23.14 image

Allison Hedge Coke

09.19.14 image

Marcello Angelini

09.05.14 image

Rilla Askew

08.22.14 image

Steve Adams

06.04.14 image

Victor Moreland

05.23.14 image

Bill Crawford

05.09.14 image

Gary Busey

04.25.14 image

Kristen Vails

03.06.14 image

Bob Wills

03.03.14 image

Katia Anaya


  somehow you became pixel became less dust and sky   turned into newsfeed away from rain   I hardly remember the hollow fields   of storm shelter of football of miles and miles of jesus   my god the heat and ice- buckled limbs o oklahoma   I miss the fade and shimmer of […]

08/10/2015 | Poetry

Home State

By Nicole Callihan


oh, woe to the woeful, aloe to the alone, tissues for the tears, this bitch world on its knees, the danger of want, bruises of desire, effort of loving in lovelessness, sapping of disappearing energies, the tawdry milling of bodies on dance floors and sandy beach patios, how sex and love insinuate from empty pelvic […]

08/04/2015 | Poetry


By Michael Wright


  Driving home tonight, I see Loretta Lynn on a casino billboard &  take a left turn to 1982, where I find myself sitting on a red braided rug in front of the console Zenith watching Hee Haw. Men in overalls pop up from cornfields, like ghosts from stony ground, while girls with shirts tied […]

05/18/2015 | Poetry

Onehorse, OK, pop. 1,000: Saaaaaaalute

By Benjamin Myers


1983 A week before, I bought my first maternity gear at the Goodwill, a brown empire-waist polyester top with tiny pink flowers, necessity overruling my puritan sense of style.   You are a piece of tattered pink lace clinging to a descansos on a dirt road to nowhere. A roadside in my mind. A place […]

05/11/2015 | Poetry


By Jeanetta Calhoun Mish


The Dream Warrior   I am intentional to light never capitulating the stars or the sway of grasses in my mother’s mouth.   The red gash at my people’s breast is a journey of words and deed, exposed to the sun, a river of blood that pours outward beating against the sun at dawn.   […]

05/07/2015 | Poetry

Three Poems

By Joe Dale Tate Nevaquaya


“Wake up.” My sister was shaking my shoulder, and not gently. I opened one eye. According to the clock on my bedside table, it was quarter to six a.m. I’d dropped off sometime after two. “Please let me sleep, Reem,” I mumbled, rolling toward the wall. She jabbed my ribs. “Wash up.” There was no […]

04/27/2015 | New Fiction

Teenage Vengeance

By Jennifer Latham


*** Me, Shrouded in green, white, and orange I wake up tossing up electric blankets in my single-bed nook Morning shook, consumed by a fiery torrent as I consume rock-hard porridge That ever familiar sight of orange crescendoing like new sunrise to sever our commonwealth ties Becoming the light to eradicate industrial darkness just north […]

03/17/2015 | Poetry

Eulogy for Ireland

By Declan Kiely


*** At the market they never have what I need: sofke corn, dried pea hulls, canuche balls wrapped in foil, baby food jars of bacon grease, possum grapes, wild onions, poke salad, great big catfish, piles of perch stunned by devil’s shoestring, masa harina for making cvtvhvkv (although occasionally they have some in the foreign […]

03/16/2015 | Poetry

A Creek Woman Moves to Northern New York

By Stacy Pratt


With tar still sludging our fingers from roofing jobs worked through the heat of day, with scratches down our forearms from cutting brush, with sunburned backs, poison ivy riding our sore calves, behind the old legion hut, around a pole over a patch of cracked concrete illuminated by one leaning lamppost and an August moon […]

03/13/2015 | Poetry

Night Hoops

By Benjamin Myers


           we’ve come all the way from Oklahoma for locals            to ask if we’re celebrities            No     she says     climbing out of            the back of a convertible            in […]

03/09/2015 | Poetry


By Victoria McArtor


The moon has been off my left shoulder for thirty-seven years and I’ve never known a blue this bad, this purple. Lots of no-woman stories, sure, simple. Lots of gone-woman stories, too. I am lost of gone woman, myself; nothing new here. But I need another story. What I don’t need is Gonewoman leaving east […]

02/16/2015 | New Fiction

You Are Going to Be a Good Man

By George McCormick


& then gay marriage was legal in Oklahoma & it was renamed “Oklahomo” & cowboys went broke back & farm girl lay with farm girl & all the cows turned gay too so they weren’t feeling left out & their milk was sugary post-Fruity Pebbles breakfast flavored & wheat fields bloomed with glitter & oil […]

02/13/2015 | Poetry

Queer as Folk

By Nick Weaver