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This Land Press


His name was Kroger Babb. He made and relentlessly promoted a famous “hygiene film” called Mom and Dad, which …

04/18/2014 | Okiecentric

Jesus in the Wichitas

By John Wooley


It’s a steel-colored December day, and I’m driving down OKC’s May Avenue, past dirty snow and abandoned cantinas, looking for …

04/16/2014 | Okiecentric

To Boldly Go

By Samuel Annis


I was 17 when I first encountered Invisible Man. I inhaled it over the summer before my senior year, …

04/09/2014 | Okiecentric

Invisible State

By Jezy J. Gray


In 1945, an unassuming black man from Oklahoma City began constructing an intricate book inside a barn in Vermont. Owing …

04/07/2014 | Okiecentric

Father of Fight Club

By Michael Mason


Originally published in the May 7, 2007, issue of The New Yorker, Volume 83, No. 11. Copyright © 2007 …


In 1955, 67-year-old Emma Gatewood became the first woman to walk all 2,050 miles of the Appalachian Trail by herself. …

03/26/2014 | Okiecentric

Go Home, Grandma

By Ben Montgomery


The year 2013 ended with the world mourning for South Africa’s first black president, Nelson “Madiba” Mandela, whose passing didn’t …

03/24/2014 | Okiecentric

Nelson Mandela’s Friend in Tulsa

By J. Kavin Ross


John the Baptist moved to Tulsa in 1899. The Stradford family called him J. B. [1] He was a former …

03/20/2014 |

First Charged, Last Freed

By Steve Gerkin


Oklahoma was born in an era when beliefs about gender roles dictated that politics were dirty and rough and that …

03/19/2014 | Okiecentric

Against All Frauds

By Cortney Stone


Alberto Fuguet is a writer, a Guggenheim fellow, and, according to Newsweek, one of the “50 most important Latin …

03/16/2014 |

The Rusty Brotherhood (La Hermandad Rusty)

By Alberto Fuguet


Rosetta Funches is the founder and director of the Oklahoma Black Museum and Performing Arts Center in Oklahoma City. Established …

03/14/2014 | Original Okie

Rosetta Funches

By Shane Brown


Pour yourself a sipping drink and get comfortable. I am going to tell you a story. It’s about a postal …

03/12/2014 | Okiecentric

The Other Mother Road

By Michael Wallis

03.06.14 image image

Bob Wills

03.03.14 image

Katia Anaya

02.12.14 image

Brian Hearn

02.07.14 image

Lauren Zuniga

01.10.14 image

Randall Gabrel

12.20.13 image

Robert Hedgecoke

12.06.13 image

Kaylin Haught

11.08.13 image

Jon Mooneyham

10.21.13 image

Vicki Roberts

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08.30.13 image

ORIGINAL OKIE: Officer Kaiser

08.16.13 image

Opal Clark Moss


Pro-Black doesn’t mean anti-anything.       El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) there are at least twenty-seven white people i love. i …

04/04/2014 | Poetry

Bible Belted: Math

By Quraysh Ali Lansana


A woman at the crossroads of Oklahoma highways imagines a new state song. Fiction by Aimee Bender, read by Denali Gillaspie.

03/12/2014 | Shorts

A Reading of Aimee Bender’s “Songs”

By Elliot Rambach


The woman was angry when she got to Ray’s register, and Ray was already thinking of all the things that …

03/10/2014 | Okiecentric

Rest Stop

By Caitlin Horrocks


here are yr. five year old fingers plucking pecans in front of the trailer here is the lynch rope looming …


These new cool gangstas aint got nothing on the O.G.’s, The original G.’s, The Pistol packin, dynamite in petite packages, …

02/24/2014 | Poetry

OG’s and Lemonade

By Keiyetta Guyon


Nobody in the office knows for sure if fat, ugly Larry Leibovitch really did see this coming. To hear him …

02/14/2014 | Okiecentric

Oklahoma Is for Lovers

By Alexander Yates


The red fox flashes in the field, and the mind wants to stop it. Run the catalogue of what it …

02/10/2014 | Poetry

In the Field

By Michael Madonick


Don’t think because I hid in the bathroom that I didn’t enjoy last night’s office party. I loved your red-ribbon …

01/17/2014 | Poetry

Curled, Slightly

By Tim Carter


where the road descends steeply as it twists like gorgeous wreckage and there is always brightness like water like gravel…

12/23/2013 | Poetry

The Ease of Trout

By Jeffrey Skemp


Housebound in this town, love yellows. Stay, and watch the walls peel away from their ceilings. Look through this window:…

12/16/2013 | Poetry

Sowing Ohio

By Rochelle Hurt


They stole chickens and slaughtered cows they castrated pigs they cut the tails off piglets they followed deer through the …

12/04/2013 | Poetry

The Number of Heaven and Earth

By John Colburn


I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic and she said yes I asked her if it was …

11/27/2013 | Poetry

God Says Yes to Me

By Kaylin Haught