No one is more sick of hearing that there is nothing to do in Tulsa than Natasha Ball. This sentiment brought her to start the blog Tasha Does Tulsa, an acclaimed collection of evidence with the mission to prove otherwise. Her continuing exploration of Tulsa’s quirks made her perfect for This Land, and constant run-ins with editor Michael Mason made their collaboration seem like fate. Ball’s contribution, “Do What?”, marries the concept of Tasha Does Tulsa with the emphasis on storytelling inherent to This Land. The publication’s investigative nature has driven her to explore her own history as a fifth-generation Tulsan, and she is consistently impressed by the various identities a member of the community can assume. Her family has lived a diverse, quintessentially Tulsan life, whether they were living in the Mayo Hotel during the oil boom, avoiding the city’s bustle in the country, or experiencing the growing racial tension in downtown real estate. Ball has seen for herself Tulsa’s endless flux, and while it reflects the state of our changing world, she is dedicated to showing everyone Tulsa’s uniqueness.