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New Media Advertising

A New Kind of Advertising

There are alot of ways you can advertise: print, video, audio, web. But unfortunately, you're going to have to make a lot of phone calls and spend a lot of dollars if you want to do things the old-fashioned way.

Fortunately, there's a innovative, cost-effective option: This Land's New Media ad packages. With one phone call, you can get your ad in print, video, audio and digital platforms. And you can even opt to have us create everything for you.

Find out how you can reach and engage a community of interested people. Contact a This Land ad salesperson today, or check out our online ad kit for pricing details.

Buy or Bid on Ads!

In the spirit of innovation and support of local small business, This Land is excited to offer the opportunity to bid on ads via our online auction. It's a cost effective way for small business owners to gain access to This Land readers who are passionate about supporting local business.

If you're more comfortable with traditional ad buying, or you're simply a mid- to large-sized business, then we've got some of Tulsa's best ad deals and innovations waiting for you.

Print Ad

Our print ads are some of the most striking and memorable advertisements available in Oklahoma. Because we print on high-quality, extra-large broadsheets, we're able to deliver a visual impact that you simply can't find elsewhere.

In addition to a great looking ad, you also benefit from a greater likelihood of getting notice. It's a well-known fact among advertisers that when people purchase a print publication, they're much more likely to notice the ad than if they received the publication for free. Because This Land costs money, our readers care more about what's inside our pages.

Print ads are available in a variety of sizes--but if you know This Land, you also know that we like to break conventions. If you have a particularly innovative idea for a print ad, let us know, and we'll try to work out a solution with you.


Web Ad

Web advertising is a science--but it's also an opportunity to excel. Because is enjoying exponential web traffic as it grows, this is a great opportunity for you to capitalize on our success. By getting in front of our web viewership, you can put your message before extremely targeted eyes.

Our motion and banner ads aren't the only way to draw attention to your business. We also use newsletters, social network updates, and all sorts of other mechanisms to help you promote your business. Ask one of our sales people to help you explore new ways to market your business.

We also offer the chance to advertise on other web platforms in addition to, so make sure you ask your sales rep about our full web capabilities.


Click here to learn more about our web-based motion ads

Video Ad

Few ads garner attention like the before and after footage of a short video. By getting your business in front of Oklahoma-interested viewers, you're sending an extremely strong message that's certain to carry an impact.

Video ads come in a variety of options: you can get exclusive ads for your business, or you can get a listing for your business dropped into pre-and post-roll footage. We can even custom-produce video ads using our award-winning production team.

This Land videos are often grouped into segments, so you can also choose to sponsor a certain project like "Public Secrets" and get before an even more specific audience. Ask your salesperson for details, or check out a video sample ad below.

Audio Ad

Few mediums allow for a truly intimate experience like audio. Each month, This Land delivers thousands of listens to our engaged audio subscribers--people who want to learn more about life in Oklahoma.

By placing an audio sponsorship ad before or after a podcast segment, you're getting the opportunity to speak directly to a interested listener.

Audio ads are available either as simple listings that are group along with other advertisers, or they can be exclusive. Just take a listen to the samples below.

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