Charles “Chuck” Schnake, Public Relations Visionary

by Michael Mason


You only need to take a quick look around Tulsa to see Chuck Schnake’s fingerprints. They’re on your PikePass, your student ID, even on the Tulsa skyline itself. By making himself invisible as a behind-the-scenes idea man, Chuck Schnake was able to innovatively shape and mold the city of Tulsa.

Schnake founded a public relations firm in 1970; today Schnake Turnbo Frank is widely regarded as the largest PR firm in Oklahoma. Over the years, Schnake received numerous PR and advertising awards and recognitions, but the years of experience never seemed to age his mind. Even though he was in his seventies, Schnake was among the first to understand the importance of social networking as an area of focus for his firm.

In this episode of Goodbye Tulsa, we’ll hear from Schnake’s business partner, Becky Frank, as she discusses both the indelible impression Schnake left on Tulsa and Schnake’s personal wisdom.