This Land First Edition Now Available

by Michael Mason


Our first edition is now available in Tulsa! You can pick up a copy for $2.00 at Dwelling Spaces in Downtown Tulsa.

Appearing in glorious full-color, large-scale newsprint and weighing in at 16 pages, the first issue of This Land includes over 20,000 words of fine literature and many images offered by writers, photographers, and artists with ties to Oklahoma. Highlights include:

–Our feature story, Something Good is Going to Happen to You: Growing up Gay in the Oral Roberts Family, by Randy Roberts Potts

–New humor from Brian Byrne, Van Eden and Nathan Gunter

–Mind-blowing illustrations by Peter Bedgood and Dennis Leech

–Okie-centric reporting from Matthew Crouch, Kristi Eaton, Joshua Kline, and Joe O’Shansky

–An amazing infographic, “Who Owns Downtown Tulsa?” created by Michael Bates and Carlos Knight

–Works from established authors Sarah Brown, Rivka Galchen, Hannibal Johnson, Jeff Martin and Michael Mason

–Photography from Michael Cooper, Rebekah Greiman, and Dennis Leech

If you’d like to offer copies of This Land at your place of business, or your favorite hangout, please contact us with your suggestions. Happy reading!