Sara Bowersock

by Michael Cooper


Though the weather forecast for this year’s spring art festivals was enough to keep most spectators away from Downtown Tulsa, those who did attend were lucky enough to see an exhilarating showcase of local art.

Artist Sara Bowersock (of Point Blank Design) was one such artist. Sweating away on a Sunday afternoon in her showcase tent at the Blue Dome Arts Festival (usually my preference to Mayfest), Bowersock maintained an upbeat energy that could challenge any scattered showers.

Some of Bowersock’s most prolific work (showcased in numerous shows at local venues, including Dwelling Spaces and Lola’s at the Bowery) bring to view a fresh take on old icons that range anywhere from The Beatles and Sid Vicious to Oklahoma legends Woody Guthrie and Leon Russel to the old Universal monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula.

Check out Bowersock’s online gallery at Etsy.

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