Mike Whitten as The Golden Driller

by Michael Cooper


Mike Whitten, owner of Brookside’s One Billiards gameroom design store, doesn’t dress like this every day, but he would probably be much more popular if he did. When this photograph was taken, he was in character as Tulsa’s Golden Driller. It’s great to be surrounded by people like Mike who enjoy being a part of our unique culture.

While so many other landmarks like ORU’s praying hands and Cain’s Ballroom are on the minds of people when they think of Tulsa, the Golden Driller may be the most archetypal. I just saw a new t-shirt emerging in local boutiques with the Driller riding a bicycle the other day, in addition to the numerous posters, postcards, and even hand-bags that are already out there. Nothing screams Tulsa pride, though, like a man covered in yellow body paint with a hand-made belt buckle paying homage to his favorite icon.

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