Original Okie: Benjamin David Lyman

by Michael Cooper


Not too long ago, the Tulsa music scene earned national recognition. Spin Magazine had written about popular local bands Callupsie, PDA, and My Solstice in association with the giant local-run music festival Diversafest. But now, Diversafest is on hiatus (maybe never to return), Callupsie has broken up, PDA has pursued a career path in L.A., and My Solstice struggles through mixed reviews and grapevine troubles.

Still, the Tulsa sound remains resilient. Artists like Benjamin David Lyman are showing us that national attention and recording quality be damned when it comes to connecting with your audience and simply putting out good music. Lyman’s new album “LEOI Plus Series Vol. II: Love Like A Woman” will be dropping on June 19th.

You won’t find Lyman’s songs playing in popular music bars like Soundpony or The Colony every weekend. You’re more likely to find him playing intimate shows at The Blue Jackalope.

“I have a solid 30 or 40 people that come to my shows, and I just wanted to put out an album to give them something to dance to for the summer,” says Lyman.

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