Where Do Tulsans Go When They Leave?

by This Land


Forbes Magazine has a fascinating migration map of the US. You can click on any county in the country, and instantly get a feel for who’s moving in and what cities are attracting your neighbors.

The map for Tulsa County is interesting on a number of levels. At first glance, it looks like most Tulsans are leaving town for Texas and the Northwest–and when it comes to the Midwest, most of them avoided heading much further north than Omaha and Des Moines.

Another thing you can sense from first glance is the heavy presence of the black lines, all indicating people from other places moving into Tulsa. It looks like we received a particularly heavy influx of people from Southern California, Michigan, parts of the Northeast, and even a few from Texas.

Data from the 2005-2007 Oklahoma Migration Patterns tell us that 119,000 people moved into Oklahoma, while only 98,000 left. You can check out other migration statistics at the US Census website.