Ear Protectors Top TW’s New Classified Ads

by This Land


Today, Tulsa World announces their new partnership with the online auction company, Boocoo. Instead of simply listing items for sale through services like Craigslist, Oklahomans will now be able to put their items up for auction through the TW/Boocoo website. Yes, it’s like Ebay, except it’s already filtered for local purchases.

On the day of the launch, one of TW’s top auction listings are for “Bullshit Ear Protectors,” a cardboard device meant to be hung over the ear in hopes of muting the news involving the BP Oil Disaster. The opening bid for the item is $2.99. Other items listed in Tulsa include a light switch plate that resembles a man with an erection, a pair of shin guards, and Eskimo Joe’s shot glasses.

Industry professionals hope that Boocoo will help papers recapture lost revenues from classified ads.
Tulsa World, for example, will retain a small percentage of the item’s purchase price via the Boocoo system.