Inhofe Suspiciously Silent During Okie Heatwave

by This Land


Our state’s official global-warming denier, Senator James Inhofe, received a roasting in a recent post by New York Times opinion writer Adam Tim Egan. In the article, Egan lays out Inhofe’s penchant for publicizing his views only when the weather suits him, and avoids offering comments when science suggests an opposing perspective:

Senator Inhofe should be a harmless diversion, the kind of laughable fool that any state can kick back to the capital, where hard-earned ignorance is supported by a well-paid staff. But he is one of the lead Republican senators on climate change, and he doesn’t even believe the climate is changing. He gets his science from a dead fiction author, Michael Crichton, who wrote a fantasy thriller about climate alarmists.

Despite the disdain, Oklahoma’s political war on the environment marches on. While Senator Tom Coburn’s view on the environment are suspiciously absent on his website, a quick review of his voting record on the environment suggests he’s the cheese to Inhofe’s macaroni.

Photo by Andy Revkin