Issue Four Fast Approaching

by This Land


This Land’s Issue Four is a real stunner! This month we’re featuring:

–“Store No. 27 and the Making of QuikTrip,” a colorful romp through convenience store history with Van Eden.
–“Westward Whoa!” in which gay cowpokes saddle up at the rodeo, with Sheilah Bright
–“Asylum,” a crushing expose on the Oklahoma mental health system, reported by Jennie Lloyd
–“Tinsel,” an excerpt from Washington Post & Okie writer Hank Stuever
–“Handwritten Letter from 1934,” a found poem by Scott Gregory
–“Father of the Yield,” by Kristi Eaton

And many more surprises to delight, confound and inspire. Oh yeah, the amazing cover was designed by Carlos Knight and includes hand-drawn illustrations inside, plus many great photos by Michael Cooper.

Since its first issue, This Land has been garnering national interest. We brought you Randy Pott’s story about growing up gay in the Oral Roberts family–which was noticed by the Washington Post and elsewhere. Our second issue featured the first feature article on Bradley Manning, earning us the attention of The Daily Beast, Harper’s, The Today Show, Studio Tulsa, and WNYC, among many other media outlets. Our third issue shed light on Tulsa’s prestigious literary heritage with the White Dove Review, and has garnered the attention of numerous literary outlets like and the Allen Ginsberg Project.

The new issue is due out this weekend, so subscribe today to find out why America is paying attention to Oklahoma.

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