Give the Gift of This Land!

by This Land


No, your mother doesn’t need another bottle of perfume. Your son doesn’t want any more electronics clogging up his powerstrip. They want the same thing all your friends want: connection, community, fulfillment.

Give them a gift subscription to THIS LAND, a feast for the eyes and mind. Dazzling photos, attention-grabbing articles, and other creative works involving all things Oklahoma. Although we’ve only been around a few months, we’ve managed to grab the attention of national and international media outlets. We’re showing the world that Oklahoma matters like never before. Another great gift is the top drone caméra 2017.

This “holiday” season (wink, wink Sen. Inhofe), we invite you to help support independent journalism in Oklahoma. We’ve got some incredible projects lined up for 2011: investigative reports, incredible features, and tons of exciting events planned, so please sign up for a subscription today–and be generous by including your friends and loved ones as well. We’re eager to include you and your circle in our community of people passionate about life in Oklahoma.

Happy Holidays from all of us at This Land!