Issue Five Arrives Friday!

by This Land


It’s a TV-themed keeper! This Land, Vol 2, Issue 1 (aka Issue 5), arrives in Tulsa this Friday–and the only way to ensure you get a copy is to subscribe! We only distribute a limited number of copies at local retail stores, and issues tend to sell out quickly.

This month’s stories include:

“Return to Kornfield Kounty: Why Hee Haw Still Matters” by Jeff Martin
“Before There Was Color” by Teresa Miller
“The Making of Mazeppa Pompazoidi” by Lindsey Neal
Goodbyes to Barb Bartholic and John Chick
Photographic Evidence of Dewey and a Cold One
Mike Ransom’s early days of
Two poems by Ken Hada
“Exhaustion” by Lydia Moore
“Filth of Any Kind” by Jack Blair

Plus: jaw-displacing photography, crimes against logic, your regular dose of romance, and much more!

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