It Snowed in Oklahoma and We Have Photos

by This Land


We’re not sure if you’ve been watching the weather reports, but a few inches of snow recently dusted Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We asked our Facebook fans to contribute their best photos of the Tulsa Blizzard of 2011, and they responded with over 85 105 spectacular shots from around town.

Click here to have a look at our slideshow featuring great images taken during and after the snowfall.

Special thanks to contributors: Jamie Alasbrook, F. del Castillo, Angela Hager, Sterlin Harjo, Shane Hood, Crystal Kline, Matt Leach, Alan Little, Sally LoVoi, Nicole McMahan, Andrea Mihalo, Amber Snead, Evan Taylor, May Yang, Jonathan Eckstein, Jerrod Phillips, Rachel Hoefling, and many others who sent in their pics.