Tulsey Town’s Oldest Cemetery?

by Lee Roy Chapman


Once located at 2nd Street and Frisco Avenue, this cemetery was established in 1882 and contained the graves of some of Tulsa’s first white settlers, and at least one notable outlaw, a member of the Doolin and Dalton Gangs, Tulsa Jack.

Begining in 1905, some graves were relocated to a new city cemetery at 11th and Peoria, what is now known as Oaklawn Cemetery. Commercial development of this site in the 1920’s began, and, through the decades, graves were unearthed, exposing the human remains. It may be argued that older burial sites exist within the city limits, as the Creek Indians were forcibly removed to this area in 1833 and have been burying their dead here ever since.

The eastern portion of this location is currently occupied by the Cesar Pelli-designed BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) Center.