May Issue Packed with Mystery, Heroes and the Unnerving

by This Land


Just when you thought This Land couldn’t pack any more surprises, along comes our May 2011 issue, which is destined to become a collector’s item. Our printer tells us it will arrive Friday, but the only way you can be guaranteed to get it is by subscribing.

Here’s your sneak preview:

The businessman on the May issue cover has a name: Stuxnet. Sure, you can google his name, but you’re going to have to read “PWNED: HBGary vs. Anonymous” to find out the Oklahoma connection. This true-life techno-thriller also happens to be investigative journalism in the form of a graphic illustration by Dennis Leech, with reporting from Denver Nicks.

On the back cover resides Wess Young, age 94, whose eyes witnessed the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

Inside the issue, you’ll find an Oklahoma cast in a different light. In addition to our regular popular columns like Together in Tulsa, Goodbye Tulsa, and Letters from Oklahoma Expats, we have plenty illuminations to offer. Take for example writer Steve Gerkin, who solves the mystery of “The Man in the Box,” wherein he reveals the identity behind a famous Tulsa photo.

And speaking of photos: see new work from Shane Brown and Pulitzer-prize nominee J. Don Cook. Along with edgy writing on racial issues from Hannibal B. Johnson and Adrian Margaret Brune, the May issue promises to bring you sights and sentences that you simply can’t find elsewhere.