Pwned! HBGary vs. Anonymous

by This Land


For those of you who don’t subscribe to This Land, you’re missing out on one of the most intriguing stories buzzing around Oklahoma right now.

Told through the style of a graphic novel, “Pwned: HBGary vs. Anonymous,” is a true-life technothriller with a touch of Tulsa thrown in.

It all begins with an internet security firm called HBGary, which was busy advancing up the ladder of success. It was courting contracts with major companies and government organizations.

Earlier this year, HBGary CEO Aaron Burr made a terrible mistake. He picked a fight with the leaderless hacker collective Anonymous, which paid him back with a merciless online ass-whooping. They took down his company’s website, took over his Twitter account, and stole his company’s emails and posted them for the world to read.

Writer Denver Nicks supplied the research and words, and illustrator Dennis Leech brought the story to life with a spectacularly surreal display of incredible art and action. It’s investigative journalism at its most innovative and impressive–but it’s simply too big to easily fit online.

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