Adjágas Coming to This Land

by This Land


Norwegian folk musicians Adjágas will be passing through Oklahoma and are holding a special backyard concert at This Land on Sunday, July 10 from 6-8pm. We’ll be sending out invitations to this event soon.

Adjágas opened the Glastonbury Festival in back in 2007 and performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver at the request of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Canada. Adjágas’ music is based around the concept of the joik, a traditional musical form which describes something not with its words but its sounds. A joik is like liquid in a bottle you can shake it up, but the contents remain the same. A joik can be about a person, place or thing. It is also possible to be the subject of more than one joik: how it sounds depends on the perspective of the person who is delivering it. More importantly a joik is not written, it comes to you. Each member of the band brings their own personal generational and cultural memory to the songs and collectively the band takes listeners on a journey into the heart of their legacy.

Check out a sample of their music here.