Announcing Our Advisory Board

by Vincent LoVoi


This Land is now ready for its next step.

Since the beginning, we’ve been on a rapid ascent. A little more than a year ago, This Land published its first edition. Michael Mason personally solicited writers, designers, and artists to help launch it. In March of this year, This Land announced the expanded staff and the completion of funding to accelerate new projects. Michael’s team was in place.

By midsummer, This Land unveiled its video and audio programming on an enhanced website and doubled the frequency of the print edition. Today, This Land publishes a print edition every other week and releases new video and audio content weekly at; our web traffic, already impressive, rocketed in response. Most of the stories from our print edition appear later on the website. Subscribers have access to all of our content.

Along the way, the Oklahoma community extended a warm welcome to This Land, and it earned early national attention for its storytelling and deep exploration of the middle of America. Readers noted the quality and design of the print editions, and visitors helped integrate its website structure, so that you can “Read,” “Watch,” and “Listen” to stories in a seamless manner. Our community provided input on content—most positively, some negatively, but all constructively—and Michael and his team work to build a better publication each day.

Now, This Land is pleased to add some significant people to our team who will serve as a newly formed Editorial Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board will advise This Land on matters of journalism, ethics, and focus; challenge our thinking and predispositions about stories and the role of the media in our community; and add talent and wisdom to our extended team of writers, producers, editors, artists, and staff. Michael Mason and I will continue to serve as the corporate board of This Land Press, overseeing the enterprise generally, business affairs, and our strategies for the future.

We will assemble the Advisory Board in Oklahoma at least once a year. As a subscriber, you will have an opportunity to meet with them. But they will engage with you on a much more regular basis in ways that you may or may not notice. Each member brings his or her unique talents, experiences, and linkages to our Oklahoma community.

We would like to introduce them to you with the hope they will make This Land even better over the coming years:

Rivka Galchen
Nationally Recognized Novelist

Rivka grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, and teaches writing at Columbia University. She is the author of the acclaimed novel Atmospheric Disturbances, and was chosen by The New Yorker as one of the top 20 writers under 40. She has written for The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Believer, and Harper’s. She now resides in New York City.

Joy Harjo
Award Winning Poet

Joy is a Tulsa-born poet currently doing a residency at Koahnic Broadcasting in Anchorage, Alaska. She’s the author of seven books of poetry, and a winner of awards like the William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America.

Roger Hodge
Former Editor, Harper’s

A native of Del Rio, Texas, Roger was the editor of Harper’s from 2006–2010. He’s been involved in journalism since 1989, and is the author of The Mendacity of Hope: Barack Obama and the Betrayal of American Liberalism.

Richard Nash
Independent Publisher

Richard ran Soft Skull Press from 2001–2007, and is currently developing a startup called Cursor. Utne identified him as one of fifty visionaries changing the world of publishing.

Steve Narisi
Television Producer

Steve is a native of Forth Smith, Arkansas. He is an Emmy award-winning news producer for NBC and ABC. He produced and wrote numerous documentaries for PBS and commercial television stations, and created programming on cable networks like National Geographic Television and The Discovery Channel. He now resides in Washington D.C.

Tom Turvey
Google Executive

A graduate of Oklahoma State University, Tom is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Google. He works in the Search Services group at Google in support of Google Book Search, Google Scholar, Google News Archive Search, Google Magazines and other print-based content-related products. Turvey also has over 20 years of experience in publishing, helming projects for companies like Barnes & Noble and HarperCollins.

Oklahoma is an exciting, dynamic place to live. We’re happy to direct our advisory board’s attention here, with the ultimate hope of broadening our understanding of life in the middle of America. As we grow together, we’ll continue to include our readers as a guiding voice in the ongoing story of our community.

After all, this land is your land, too.