MEET: Stuart Hetherington

by Vicki May Thorne


In this ongoing  feature, our social media editor Vicki May Thorne meets and greets the staff and contributors of This Land Press.

Stuart Hetherington is a committed Distribution Manager. He proudly rattles off numbers about his 58 distribution spots and growing mail subscription list. He also brainstorms regularly with the merchandising, sales, and editorial staff, contributing his “man about town” knowledge to the overall workings of This Land. But, when asked why he’s so good at his job, he will cheerfully admit he likes crunching the sales numbers and plotting distribution expansion (OKC in 2012?).

He’s not just the muscle of This Land distribution, he’s the brains too.


Here’s what Stuart had to say in answer to the 5Qs:

What influences you; i.e. what are your ‘must-read items? (print or online); must listen to, etc.?

Well, I definitely have some must-reads online, most notably, which is a day-by-day underground history blog for social and political events and personalities.

I’m also into DangerousMinds on facebook, which kind of deconstructs all of the cultural happenings and current events, although it does have a decidedly socio-liberal tone to it.

I also listen to a lot of radio when I’m out of the office, I find myself switching back and forth between NPR and KRMG, I love listening to crazy right-wing propagandists just to keep a vector on the whole political structure. I also keep up with the cycling world through, which is my total hipster guilty pleasure.


What inspires you in your work?

Working at TLP is just so collaborative. Although I’m the Distribution Manager, I still feel like I can chime in on an Editorial or Sales issues, and I will be heard and my opinion will be considered valid and welcome. That sense of mutual respect for each others’ roles is inspiring.

Also, I believe in This Land, in its role in Tulsa. I think an important part of that role is its ability to display a new perspective in the city and give “ex-pats” a way to connect with what is going on in Oklahoma on a cultural level, not just a political one.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve worked on for This Land?

Well, I certainly get attached to every issue, but the Tate Brady issue has probably been my favorite. Everything just blew up so quickly, It was the right topic at the right time for us.

I remember putting together a mailing list and cover letter for some comp issues that we were sending out to all of the most notable people in our state political system, as well as the nations top civil rights and reparations people. It was cool to be taking such direct action with those figures.


What do you love about Tulsa?

I like how Tulsa is so accessible. In Tulsa, if you want to make something happen you can just do it. I work with Tulsa Hub Bike Co-op too. We’ve been building it up for over 2 years, and it just keeps getting bigger. We have a great support network here. We have two programs right now, one geared at adults who are car-free, and one for school-aged children, more of a safety thing.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in my opinion, Oklahoma has some of the best food in the US. Specifically, I like the meat scene here: BBQ, Mexican, soul food, all that. My favorite spots to eat are Burn Co., Stutts House of Bar-B-Q, the Knotty Pine (RIP); SMOKE on Cherry Street… If I’m after Okie gourmet food, Sweet Lisa’s for soul food and of course, El Rio Verde for Mexican.

Lastly, I like how Tulsa still has that small town sort of feel, how I run into my friends all over town, how tight of a community we have here.


What is your favorite drink?

Well if you ask the bartenders at Soundpony, they would probably say HighLife with lemons, but that is a matter of price and not adoration. I would drink Bulleit Bourbon and water if I could afford it. Also, Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid is pretty bangin’ too.


For more on Stuart, check out his bio here; and be sure to say hi if you see him out on distribution day- 1st and 15th y’all!