Mana Tahaie & Nick Doctor

by Rebekah Greiman


Nick Doctor and Mana Tahaie were married twice—once at Woodward Park with only a few family members present, then in Oklahoma City for the big one insisted upon by her mother and grandmother. On the way to that one, they got pulled over for speeding. The officer inquired if they were on their way to or from a wedding, and when Nick said both, he warned them to slow down.

“Have you seen My Big, Fat Greek Wedding?” Mana asked. “Our weddings were like that—but with Iranians. My mother told me she would only invite close friends, but she ended up with over 200 people in her home.”

Her mother set the wedding party up with her hairdresser. Mana asked for a “natural look.” An hour and a half later, she had fake eyelashes, color-coated eyelids, and eyebrows whittled down to thin arches.

“I looked like a prostitute,” she said. “We all did. My mother-in- law–‘Ms. L.L. Bean’–walked out of the hairdresser looking like a street walker. I went home and cut my fake eyelashes off with scissors.”

After removing as much makeup as possible with napkins and acquiring a stiff drink, Mana was ready to once again say, “I do.”

Their have been cultural misunderstandings: Mana’s mother believed the mounted elk at Nick’s Wyoming home was alive, Nick took the cookie offered him from Mana’s cousin, only to find out he should have rejected it three times before finally accepting it. The cultural differences provide much comic relief.

Nick Doctor and Mana Tahaie were married on April 17, 2009, in Tulsa and on April 18 in Oklahoma City.