The Intimate Life of Timothy McVeigh

by This Land


Editor’s Note: The 4/15 issue of THIS LAND will offer several remarkable feature articles that shed new light on the Oklahoma City Bombing: “Who’s Afraid of Elohim City?” by Lee Roy Chapman and Joshua Kline is an exclusive, in-depth and on-site article featuring John Millar, pastor of the Christian Identity compound in Adair County; “The Third Man?” by Gerald Posner resurrects the question of an additional accomplice to the bombing and contains notes taken from a currently-classified FBI 302 file; and the following excerpt from the chapter “Interview with John Millar, Head of the Christian Identity Community” from Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed—and Why It Still Matters, by Andrew Gumbel and Roger G. Charles, Copyright @ 2012 by William Morrow, and reprinted here with permission. The passage below contains graphic descriptions involving an intimate physical encounter between Timothy McVeigh and Richard Rogers. The print and digital edition of This Land will include the excerpt in full, which includes more details about McVeigh’s sexuality, as well as his relationship to Elohim City.

EXCLUSIVE: Must credit This Land Press.

Late one night in February 1995, Tim McVeigh was walking across the Colorado River bridge from Nevada to Bullhead City, Arizona, when a man in a Ford Mustang slowed down and asked if he wanted a ride. McVeigh had no better idea how to get back to Kingman, which was thirty miles away, and offered him $5. The man, whose name was Richard Rogers, laughed off the offer; he was looking not for payment but for casual sex. He had spent the evening at a casino in Laughlin and, as he later told the FBI, was feeling “a little horny.”…

An hour later, the two of them were in Rogers’s trailer ten miles north of Kingman, sizing each other up and half-wondering if this was really a good idea. McVeigh talked about Waco, nobody’s idea of good foreplay, and peppered Rogers with questions about an airstrip in the desert hills. At 3:00 a.m., McVeigh grabbed his crotch again and said it was time for bed.

They took their clothes off and went at it. McVeigh’s tongue and throat action, Rogers later told the FBI, was “incredible”: “He was good at what he did.” McVeigh expressed an interest in anal sex, but Rogers turned him down, because he didn’t have a condom. According to Rogers, they were both too tired to reach orgasm. In the morning, Rogers made McVeigh eggs and bacon, and drove him into Kingman. Apart from brief sightings in the grocery store, they never saw each other again.

Copyright @ 2012 by William Morrow, and reprinted here with permission.