Glass, Not Glitter

by Abby Wendle


Neighbors of the Murrah Federal building recall the 1995 bombing that altered the life and culture of Oklahoma City.

As a precaution to listeners, the following audio program contains emotional triggers that might distress those affected by bombings or wartime atrocities. Not recommended for children.

Produced for the 2012 TCF ShortDocs Challenge.

This podcast uses these sounds from freesound: deep bass rumble 2 by ERH, USAT Bomb by sandyrb, 10 by CosmicD, Chip016 by HardPCM, Dronetail46 by Jovica, ambulance siren by vedas, city noise by gezortenplotz, public spaces by digifishmusic, Bell Tones by johnnypanic, healing bells by klankbeeld, Drone2 by HerbortBoland, walking.shadow by dobroide.