Conduct Unbecoming Part 2

by Joshua Kline


Yesterday, This Land Press revealed that Tulsa Police Captain Shawn King had engaged in sexual behavior while on duty. Videos and photographs obtained by This Land Press showed a man alleged to be King engaged in a wide array of extreme sexual behavior. The content included both documentation of King’s personal sexual exploits, at times while on duty and in uniform.

King’s ex-fiancee, Keena Roberts, found the material and attempted to report it to Internal Affairs and the FBI, with little results save for a 40 hour suspension without pay for King for an on-duty sexual dalliance with Roberts.

Now, after a private investigation and extended counseling sessions with a forensic therapist, one of Roberts’ children has stated that King repeatedly molested them over a period of two years. The child was under the age of consent at the time of the

Earlier this afternoon, Roberts filed a petition for a protective order against King in Osage County through her attorney, Keith Bergman. Judge Gambill granted an emergency protective order on behalf of Roberts and her minor children until a full
hearing can be conducted. The date of that hearing is May 22.

This Land Press obtained copies of both the petition and the emergency protective order, which contain detailed descriptions of King’s alleged crimes. He’s accused of groping, kissing, and forcibly using his fingers to rape one of Roberts’ children,
a minor. According to the petition, these were not isolated incidents, but repeated violations that occurred over a period of years.

The petition also states that King repeatedly threatened the minor with violence. “He has threatened harm over and over. He has told all the kids that I would be dead or (the child victim) would be dead…”

Later in the petition it states, “We are scared of what will happen.”

The punishment for King breaking the Court order is a fine of up to one thousand dollars or imprisonment for up to one (1) year in the county jail, or “by both such fine and imprisonment.”

Finally, the order states “Possession of a firearm or ammunition by a defendant while an order is in effect may subject the defendant to prosecution for a violation of federal law even if the order does not specifically prohibit the defendant from
possession of a firearm or ammunition.

Roberts, along with family members and her attorney, are meeting with the Osage County Sheriff to discuss the opening of a criminal investigation.

King is expected to be served the emergency protective order today.

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