He’s Presentable Now

by Taylor Russet


The following is an excerpt from Me Head:

George is a Summer, so there were some major no-no’s right off the bat. I got rid of the Annette Bening bob immediately, and added Rupert Everett’s très chic v-hairline, pulling down nearly an inch of brow space. Then I noticed his lips were a bit flushed—nothing a Lip Pen from L’Oreal won’t fix. Next, I brought out those fantastic cheeks with a light sponging, then dodged and burned away his double chin. You won’t find any more crow’s feet either, and a light shading gives him that broody-eyed, Benicio Del Toro look. Finally, I added a little shoulder padding to spruce up the jacket cut, and voila! A whole new George worthy of the title of Father of our Country.

Me Head was a free-press zine that was launched in 2000 and distributed in Tulsa, Dallas, Austin, and Phoenix. It featured early works from several writers who have since contributed to This Land. During peak periods of its brief circulation, it boasted 300,000 online readers a month. Only three of the six issues were circulated in print. In 2013, This Land Press will publish the collected works of Me Head.

Originally appeared in This Land, Vol. 4, Issue 3. Feb. 1, 2013.