This Land Radio: Episode 1 – Where is Oklahoma?

by This Land


In our inaugural episode of This Land Radio, we asked the question on every Oklahoman’s mind: Where the heck are we, anyway? Are we in the South, the Midwest, the Southern Great Plains? What is our regional identity? Co-hosts Sarah Geis and Abby Wendle are your guides through the hour.

We embarked on an exploration of this question with Russell Cobb, This Land’s contributing editor who can’t find his socks. We talked with Ginger Strand, a New York-based writer who imposed herself for awhile on some Oklahoma fish biologists.

We followed the This Land Fiction Editor, Jeff Martin, as he wandered what he calls the Southern Plains, pulling new fiction from Alan Heathcock and John Crowley from the hard ground.

Lastly, Grammy-nominated musician John Fullbright offers thoughts between musical sets to tide us over until next week.

Articles discussed:

South by Midwest by Russell Cobb
Streetlamps by Alan Heathcock
Tom Mix by John Crowley

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Featuring music from:

My Oklahoma Home – Bruce Springsteen
Chiyoko Szlavnics – Ophir Ilzetski (from
Pizz Violin at a Bay With Extraordinary Ambience – Jon Rose (from freemusic
There is No There – The Books
Never Been to Spain – Three Dog Night
All the Time in the World – John Fullbright
Gawd Above – John Fullbright
Movin’ – John Fullbright