This Land Radio: Episode 7 – Teenagers

by This Land




Episode 7: Teenagers

This week, we meet a rock star on our paper route.

Fareedah Shayeb is ecstatic, like, that would be so amazing to represent my school like that, like, I love this school so much. Ron Padgett is not a hipster, though his ideas might be hipster-like in nature. John Brainard remembers his brother, Joe. Matt O’Meilia’s mom would kill him if he took that brownie. And Skating Polly makes a punk song about rainbows.

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“Over and Under” by Antiphon
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“PadRain” by Glass Boy + Courtenay Moon
“Intro” by Skating Polly
“Rainbows” by Skating Polly
“Don’t” by Skating Polly
“Lost Wonderfuls” by Skating Polly
“Kick” by Skating Polly