This Land Radio: Episode 10 – A Fork in the Road

by This Land


This week, we go left or we go right.

John Hood stands at the vertex and sells us a Coors. Pantoja buys a one way ticket. Sarah says yes to rattlesnake. Ed Gungor gets derailed. And JD McPherson jumps, wiggles, and hopes it will be okay.

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Take a look at some paintings by Jose Antonio Pantoja.

Watch JD McPherson ride his tractor and sing A Gentle Awakening.

Steve Earle – “Copperhead Road”
Cat Power – “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
Fiona Apple – “Waltz (Better Than Fine)”
Pink Floyd – “Mother”
JD McPherson – “Gentle Awakening”
JD McPherson – “B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R.”
JD McPherson – “Wolf Teeth”
James Fei – “Improvisation”
Glass Boy + Courtenay Moon -“PadRain”
Phoebus – “Fjcb Reddit Gtr Fills Mix”
Lloyd Rogers – “Twelve from the Black Book 2/27/01”
The Worthless Recluses – “Black Fortune”
Chris Zabriskie – “Undercover Vampire Policeman”
Chris Zabriskie – “John Stockton Slow Drag”