Woody is a Punk Rocker

by Mitch Gilliam


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Mitch Gilliam traces the pioneering influence of Woody Guthrie on today’s punk-folk vagabond musicians. Featuring the stories and music of Boom Boom Kid, Yjess & Gore Gore, and Chad Malone.

[Warning: this podcast swears]

Featured Music
“Esta Tierra Es Tu Tierra”- Boom Boom Kid, from the album “The Many… Many Moods Of…”
“Te Recuerdo Amanda”- Boom Boom Kid, from the album” The Many… Many Moods Of…”
“Moment Of Silence”- Brother Inferior, from the album “Anthems 94-97”
“Uhura”-Local 630 (written by George Usdin)
“Drowning In The Labor Pool”-Local 630

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Boom Boom Kid
Chad Malone