Episode 4: Sugar and Dirt

by This Land


In This Land Radio Episode 4, Tom Naples combs the archives for Dust Bowl memories. Holly Wall unearths dinosaur bones in Black Mesa. Sheilah Bright gets swallowed by Kenton, Oklahoma. Natasha Ball gobbles up food truck culture. And, for dessert, a slice of blueberry pie.

More in This Land:
“The Last of Kenton” by Sheilah Bright
“Breakfast of Champions” by Natasha Ball
“Secrets of the Dust Bowl Digs” by Holly Wall

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“Music for an underground circus”
“Somebody Touched Me” by the Weeks Sisters
“Le Vieux train”
“Dinosaur Song” by Johnny Cash
“Eggs and Sausage” by Tom Waits
“Take off and Shoot a Zero”
“for reason, forgotten”
“There’s probably no time”

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