Beauty, Purpose, and Preservation

by James McGirk


Kinky hair is usually defined by 4a-4c hair type and is tightly coiled with a zig zag pattern. It usually consists of close-knit curl pattern and luxurious volume—kinky curls wind up and out. Kinky curly hair typically also is hard to absorb moisture, making it more prone to breakage. If you have kinky hair then take a look at these Best Weave Sew Ins for Thin Natural Hair.

Knot Today: How to Care for Kinky Curls

Kinky curls are more fragile than most hair and because of this it requires special care and attention. All of Love Beauty and Planet Special Formulas are ultra-light and extra-rich. But, we would recommend trying some of the following below products from our collections:

1. Try Oils

Any of our Natural Oils Infusions are made for this hair type. Our personal fav is the Sandalwood and Grapeseed Naturals Oil Infusion Hair Oil. This luscious natural oil, featuring Grapeseed Oil, visibly repairs for healthy looking hair. Follow MurrayNow for more tips.

2. Butters

Butters are rich in fatty acids and helps prevent breakage and build elasticity over time. We recommend our Murumuru Butter and Rose Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Murumuru Butter and Rose Conditioner, which moisturizes for a healthy looking gloss.

3.  More Moisture

Moisture is all our hair craves, and the best way to get moisture is from water itself, so make sure you are wetting your hair at least once a week. However, water does not always mean shampooing. Those of us with kinky hair should aim to only shampoo with Sulfate-free shampoos like our Murumuru Butter and Rose Sulfate-Free Shampoo or our Turmeric and Tonka Essence Prevent and Preserve Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

4.  Eliminate hair care products with silicones.

These are ingredients which end in ‘one, ‘xane, ‘onol.  And, while these may be useful in straightening,  but they are not necessary in conditioners or moisturizers.  And, luckily all Love Beauty and Planet hair products are silicone-free.

5. Avoid any hair care products with mineral oil.

Mineral oil can be a disaster to those of us with natural hair. Mineral oil actually covers the hair shaft and prevents moisture from entering and leaving strands of hair brittle and dry. Mineral oils also clog the scalp and prevent healthy hair growth.

6.  Deep conditioning, Deep conditioning, Deep conditioning

Opt for a deep condition once a week with a silicone-free conditioner such as our Argan Oil and Lavender Leave In Smoothie Cream. Or, try a similar curling custard.

7. Never comb hair dry!

The best method for combing kinky hair and detangling hair is when its wet or damp and loaded with conditioner. And, we always recommend letting air dry.

8.  Protective Styles

Wear your kinky hair in a protective style. Kinky hair typically thrives in twists, braids, buns, or any style that will keep the hair protected as it dries.

9.  Oil is not the same as Moisture.

Oil does not equal Moisture. You can only get moisture from water and those products high in water or humectants (such as glycerin or aloe). Oils and butters are great to lock in already existing moisture, but do not provide new moisture to the hair follicle. Therefore, we recommend using a water-based moisturizer and then use shea butter, murumuru butter, or extra virgin oil to lock in the moisture.

10.  Step up your sleeping habits.

Sleep with a scarf or bonnet.

11.  Clip-ins and Wigs.

Try kinky hair clip ins, kinky curly clips, hair extensions, or clip ins extensions. These are great for girls with coily hair as it helps prevent breakage and ensure the hair follicles are protected for longer periods of time.

So there you have it! No matter what the different curly hair textures you may have, our experts at Love Beauty and Planet are giving you 11 different ways to care for your natural curls.