Fast Forward

by Warren Brown



As we move yet

one more step

towards dust


Desire fades

and jealousy

and anguish

at loves lost


And days become

copies of days

before and

after following


The brassy sun

laughs youthfully

at us, reflecting

from hair and

skin of the young


But we are not

fooled by this

party of light

as we know

too the sun

is as we


Old and dancing

in show against

the coming night


Which holding memories

as stars

arrays its sky

above and before



Until all we dreamed

has become constellations

of myth and unsure



And in the moment

of knowing this will be

we see those

we have loved


Fiery traces

flung heavenward

to become




and watching

in eternal dark

for those who seek

the stars

Originally published in This Land, Vol. 6, Issue 2, January 15, 2015.