Karl Siewert

by This Land


Karl Siewert always wanted to be a librarian, just like his mother. He’s a compulsive researcher who considers every Facebook status a reference question and has a special affinity for the Oxford English Dictionary. “What I really wanted to do is answer people’s questions… It’s not about finding a book; it’s about finding information,” he says, and he does just that at Northeastern State University’s Broken Arrow campus library. A father of three, Karl considers himself a social justice warrior, particularly on gender-equality issues. His hobbies include reading YA literature and micro-fiction, collecting niche relics, knitting, and yo-yoing, which he picked up while studying in St. Paul, Minnesota, and says is the only thing he does regularly that he considers performance art.

Originally published in This Land, Vol. 6, Issue 6, March 1, 2015.