A collection of works by the late historian and journalist Lee Roy Chapman.

Lee Roy Chapman Is Still the King

by This Land



Last week brought the news that historian and journalist Lee Roy Chapman has passed away. Among the many roles he fulfilled, Chapman was a contributing editor at This Land and delivered some of our most well-known articles. He also hosted the Public Secrets video series, and was an ongoing resource in numerous other pieces. A polarizing yet beloved figure, Chapman leaves behind a rich legacy of scholarly work and groundbreaking journalism.

Below are links to the many works Chapman authored, along with videos in which he appeared. Besides being a skilled professional, Chapman was also a beloved colleague to many of us at This Land Press.

If your life has been enriched by Chapman’s work, please consider donating to the Lee Roy Chapman Memorial Fund, the proceeds of which will go to the support of his son, Kasper Henry Chapman, age 5.

The Nightmare of Dreamland: Lee Roy Chapman sheds light on the dark history of Tulsa’s beginnings—and puts an entire section of town into question.

Watch Lee Roy delve into the checkered past of Tate Brady’s Tulsa in this episode of Public Secrets:

The Strange Love of Dr. Billy James Hargis: An outline of the battle plan of Tulsa preacher Billy James Hargis, whose crusade against Communism reached to the deepest trenches of propaganda and politics—and set the stage for the rise of the religious right.

The Perryman Ranch Buffalo: Lee Roy visits the original allotment of Creek Indian Moses Perryman.

Subterranean Psychonaut: The strange and dreadful saga of Gordon Todd Skinner, by Lee Roy Chapman, Michael Mason, and Chris Sandel.

Pawnee’s WPA Bath House: Located one mile north of the city of Pawnee, Oklahoma, on Highway 18, this hand-cut native stone structure was built in 1939 by the Works Progress Administration on Pawnee City Lake.

Who’s Afraid of Elohim City?: Lee Roy Chapman and Josh Kline pay a visit to Elohim City, the city not on any map.

Big Time Pawn: Big Time Pawn is a family-owned pawn shop located on Route 66 at 11th and Pittsburg in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Meet the Clarks: Lee Roy takes a trip to Larry Clark’s family home.

Anarchy in the OK: Remembering the time the Sex Pistols came to Tulsa.

Watch Lee Roy talk to David Blue about that infamous Sex Pistols show at Cain’s Ballroom:


Flim-Flammery and the Devil: An early history of the Tulsa World.

Tulsa’s First Klan Burial: The time a group of Klansmen in full ceremonial regalia showed up with a burning cross for Tulsa Police Commissioner Secretary Harry Harrison Aurandt’s funeral.

Tullahassee Creek Indian Cemetery: Established in 1883, Tullahassee Creek Indian Cemetery is the final resting place for members of the Perryman Family, a Creek Indian ranching family who were the first family of Tulsey Town, now known as Tulsa.

More Public Secrets:

Northside House From Larry Clark’s ‘Tulsa,’ Bartholic’s Boat, The Drexel Building, Dreamland Theatre Marker, Pretty Boy Floyd’s Tulsa Home, Tulsey Town’s Oldest Cemetery, S.E. Hinton’s Staircase Cameo.