This Land Press is a company from and for the middle of America.

Who we are

Our mission is to illuminate life and culture in the middle of America through thoughtful wares and insightful stories. Since 2011, we’ve established an impeccable reputation for producing compelling products and publishing courageous journalism, fiction and photography from acclaimed writers and artists from flyover country and beyond.

What we stand for

Oklahoma has a rich tradition of progressive thinkers: The wiry Woody Guthrie blasted his pro-labor message across the nation, armed with just a guitar at the height of the Great Depression. From the ashes of deep-seated racial intolerance, Ralph Ellison emerged as one the most powerful African-American voices when he published Invisible Man in 1952. Wilma Pearl Mankiller became the first woman to be elected principal chief of the Cherokee Nation in 1985.

This Land Store was created to be a front door, an entry point into the stories of middle America. We explore our past and present, celebrate the unique wonders of life in this part of the country, and remain critical its injustices through our commitment to design and storytelling.

We encourage inclusion, tolerance, equality, diversity, integrity, creativity, critical thought, and stewardship.

Made by you and me

This Land Press invites you to engage as much and as often as you’re willing. The best way to get involved is by sending us links to things you find interesting or relevant about life in the middle. Next, you can get involved with our various projects by submitting your best photos, artwork, music, videos, or writings. We’ll do our best to bring notice to your material.


Please contact us at, call (918) 794-5568, or visit our HQ/shop at 1208 South Peoria Avenue in Tulsa.


This Land Store sells books, films, music, apparel, and a variety of other items made by This Land Press and our collaborators. Located in Tulsa at 1208 South Peoria Avenue. Open 10a-6p Tuesday-Friday and 10a-4p on Saturday.

The Tulsa airport kiosk is located on the central boulevard near Terminal B at Tulsa International Airport.

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